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2022-23 MLB offseason thread


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On 11/5/2022 at 12:20 PM, tx 3 putt said:

Signing this kid should have been a no brainer for every mlb team. Pay the fines for going over budget ….


Lol. We basically sent that loser home this year, I’d hate the Yankees too. 

2 hours ago, tx 3 putt said:


Wrong thread, I think.

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let's see your predictions ...

AL East - Toronto 

AL Cen - Cleveland

AL West - Houston

WC - Seattle and Yankees


NL East - Braves

NL Cen - Cardinals 

NL West - Dodgers

WC - Phillies and Brewers 


I reserve the right to make changes after free agency concludes 

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40 minutes ago, WBT said:

Is this the kind of bullshit Boras does to justify his 10%?

Turner’s agency is Creative Artists. They primarily rep actors. I imagine they told Trea to give blowjobs to the GMs and owners. At least Harvey Weinstein doesn’t have a team. 

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57 minutes ago, InkaUtexas said:

Sign this dude. If he does not make the team imagine him throwing hot dogs 

Gotta applaud the dedication.  There was a discussion about why Latino Players make it and sign cheap. Here is a good example. This is how most of them grow up. 



To be clear, that guy is from Uganda

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3 hours ago, Scraps said:

Don't shatter his dreams man....his listed pop time on his account would be 2nd in the league behind Realmuto!

(I know you were just correcting the Latin reference)

I never said he was Latino. Just referencing an earlier discussion. 


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You mean the guy who just spent 10 minutes trying to guess who "sings" "Don't Call it a comeback" (which he had to be explained that is not the title)...aka "Mama Said Knock You Out" on MLB radio right now? 

His guesses - Rick James, Biggie, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, 60 Cent, Chris Brown, Biggie again, Notorious BIG, Eminem, Kanye, Drake, Ice Cube, then he was given the hint that one may say he was "cool" and he guessed Cool J.  

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