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Best/good Shop Vac?


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Have a DeWalt cordless max, it's great for all the small stuff, if you're wanting to vacuum the entire garage, you'll need bigger, but most anything else and it's legit. Fuck those bigger shop vacs, such a pain in the ass to move around. 

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Best is Festool, in my experience. But kinda hard to justify that coin on something you use 2-3 times per year.

The cordless dewalt and Milwaukee seem to be generally well liked. If you’re in either battery ecosystem it’s a no brainer. 

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My old shop vac bit the dust and I recently replaced it with one of these:


It's smaller and has no wheels, but it has a wall mounting bracket so it doesn't take up space really, and it sucks really well. The hoses are pretty long and it has lots of attachments.

So far I've used it to:

- clean a broken glass

- vac all the baseboards (w a long attachment so I didn't need to bend over)

- vac the AC ceiling filter grates (again long attachment, didn't need a step stool)

- clean pet fur from the couches

- vac the stairs

It's done all these tasks better than my Dyson ball, and the old shop vac was too large to jack with for these type of tasks for the most part. 

I'm gruntled with it.



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DEWALT 9 Gallon STEALTHSONIC Poly Wet/Dry Vacuum, DXV09P-QTA Newest Noise Reduction Vac, Heavy Duty Shop Vacuum for Jobsite/Workshop, Reduce Motor Noise, Yellow https://a.co/d/0ffsRTO

I have two. This is a deWalt 9 gallon Stealthsonic. It’s really quiet for a 5hp. It’s big.

I also have a portable deWalt 3 gallon that I use for most stuff. Really convenient.

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