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RIP Mills Lane

Carl Spackler

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Dude was a boss. The HBO team with Lampley, Larry Merchant, Foreman and/or Emanuel Steward, Harold Lederman on the cards, Buffer on the mic and Mills Lane in the ring is one of the most hilarious broadcasting crews of all time. It was like watching a group of Looney Tunes characters assemble to call a fight. 


Pretty good pic of him and Tyson from awhile back. RIP:



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On 12/6/2022 at 6:46 PM, Carl Spackler said:

Lane was THE referee during the days I was watching more boxing. As a side note, the article mentions many of his fights, several at the old Las Vegas Hilton. A bunch of big fights were held there, including a string of Tyson’s. My daughter was in a big soccer tournament in LV in 2015, and her team was “assigned” to stay at the Westgate, which is the new name. I didn’t even realize we were at the old LVH until I watched one of Tyson’s fights on YouTube and they had an aerial shot in the intro.

The old Hilton has seen better days, but the people watching got really interesting when the rough Valentines Day crowd arrived from California a couple of days after us. /csb

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