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Texas Southern @ Texas - 6:30 on LHN

Horny Bull

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There’s going to be a clear path to hosting a regional.

We need to navigate the slump and come out strong on the other side. Kentucky and ECU lose again. Arkansas is down again. TCU looking good to beat a top 20 team. Lots of teams are going to lose games from here on out.

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1 hour ago, Had Enough said:

Oh come on. How often have you seen DP hold ‘em at 3rd then get em thrown out at home on a double steal?

very true.... but that was when he kept telling Zubia and Ivan to turn the corner and go....  you know... 2 of the slowest power hitters we've had in the last 10 years

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Whutchu talkin bout Had Enough

Getting back on the hype train.

As frustrated as everyone is we have better and more pitching options than most. We do have some upside with the bats. And we seem to compete game to game as well as anyone. Outside of the 2nd Texas State game, we take care of business against lesser opponents. I’m not talking conference games because those are a different animal.
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