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Euro 2024

Captain Ron

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13 minutes ago, Firemans4Horn said:

We need Dr Joe to explain what “VAR” stands for. 

“Well, you see, there is a word, Video, and that is what the Big V stands for. The word, assist, starts with an A. So the Big A stands for assist, which is different than an assist on a goal. The letter R is the tricky one. Even though there is a referee on the field there is an invisible referee in the sky, or in the booth…….”

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13 minutes ago, Macklemore said:

Ref has lost control of the game 

The only one losing control here is Belgium. The ref has done great and the injuries were legitimate. This is why I was ticked after that guy went down in the goal because the Belgium fans behind that goal were throwing shit on to the field.

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22 minutes ago, Firemans4Horn said:

Thank you Dr Joe for the riveting explanation of offsides. 

The issue is that Fox feels the need to throw any rules question to Dr Joe. And it's not necessary, especially when they are going to have a semi-automated call automatically made and rendered.


Just more of their shitty coverage.

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