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2019 Women's World Cup - Do It Back to Back


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2 minutes ago, Cheeseweasel said:

Japan is good. The Good Korea is good. China is decent. The rest...not so much.

Yeah, meant the depth of course. Looked at their qualification run and it was pretty bad. They made it to the World Cup by beating Palestine, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Jordan. Played two decent teams, lost 4-0 to China and actually took Australia to penalties.

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4 minutes ago, Huckleberry said:

Yeah, I think even our men's team could have made the World Cup if that's what it took. Maybe.

(too soon?)

Dude please, USMNT would fucking crush the Palestinian women's team. 

Or wait were you talking about those countries men's teams? Because I'm less confident if that's the scenario. 

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1 minute ago, Huckleberry said:

I meant if they had to play those women's teams. Does that change the calculus?

Just kidding guys, I'm sure our men's team will reach the mountaintop someday.

God dammit you stole my joke off of your own post. Well done sir. 

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1 hour ago, JNip said:

Every time I see USA soccer, I feel like they are robots. Their next move is exactly what they have to do next. Not saying that it's bad of course, I just wish that there was a player who would do a bunch of awesome things. Obviously, 11 players synchronized to the beat of the same song isn't the bad. Haha

There was just a play where Alex Morgan grabbed the ball around the pk spot with her back against the goal and with just one defender behind her. When she received the ball, she dropped it to the teammate she was facing instead of creating her own space to shoot. She could've easily beaten the defender but chose to pass instead.

Just an observation.

She finally did it.

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6 minutes ago, TrashMaster G said:

We've been stuck on seven for a while now.  What happened?  Did we pull all the starters?

Well unfortunately for Thailand teams are only allowed 3 substitutions so the starters have to play 

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