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  1. California tried this. 9th circuit struck it down just this week.
  2. I was also really high so fuck all yall
  3. Went to a comedy show last night where the comedian suggested that maybe Feinstein could go on a hunger strike for abortion rights. Due to her dementia, she wouldn't even know she's on a hunger strike. Win win!
  4. Why aren't we just sitting back and letting the free market police itself?
  5. I work full time with the working poor and indigent, so I'm happy to shed some light. Roughly 20% of LA's homeless work in minimum wage jobs. Many work 40 hours a week. At the end of their shift, they go to a gym, take a shower, and hop in their car (if they're lucky) for a good night's sleep. Many families cram together into 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. Back when I used to represent kids in court, it was common to learn that a kid's bed was the living room floor - along with 4-8 other kids in sleeping bags. Sometimes you'd see three families living in a one bedroom, one bathroom. The other option is to live out in San Bernardino or Lancaster and spend 2-3 hours a day commuting. Also, because they don't get paid a living wage, almost all of their existence is subsidized by tax dollars in the form of food stamps and other benefits. So yeah, its a little bit more than just not playing little league or having the newest iphone.
  6. I'll second this. And also Musso and Frank for classic LA experience.
  7. That Lambo CEO/Subway artist is gonna play a prominent role in a future 30 for 30, isnt he?
  8. Foosters


    California looking to maybe get its head out of its ass https://www.politico.com/newsletters/california-playbook-pm/2022/05/11/california-lawmakers-want-to-make-your-weed-a-lot-cheaper-00031883
  9. Obviously. I was asking a serious question about previous findings that indicated the presence of those things increased the risk of SIDS deaths.
  10. So all those high-risk factors - Smoking parents, things in the crib, stomach sleeping, etc. - were all just coincidental?
  11. Don't you live in Oklahoma?
  12. Since you have a car, I'd also suggest taking a drive up the PCH in Malibu and having a meal at Geoffrey's. Yes, its expensive and a bit of a tourist trap, but i think its worth it. Here's a good description: Malibu is the unofficial world capital of ancient, overpriced seafood restaurants that aren’t worth your time. Except Geoffrey’s. This 70-year-old Malibu landmark has continued to reinvent itself over the years and has kept things modern and lively. This is definitely a special occasion type place and you’re definitely going to drop a lot of money. But with insane ocean views and the best crab cakes in town, you won’t hear a peep from your out-of-town guests about it.
  13. Then definitely make it to Grand Central Market The Arts District is also next door to DTLA and has some of the city's hottest spots: Bavel Manuela The Girl and the Goat (of Chicago fame) Majordomo (in Chinatown) Bestia The Factory Kitchen Cha Cha Cha
  14. Din Tai Fung is legit, but its also a higher-end "chain" that costs more than some of the mom and pop shops. If you are craving some authentic regional Chinese and other Asian cuisine, I'd suggest you hit up the San Gabriel Valley and go to any of the following: Sichuan Impression Mian Mama Lu's Dumpling House Tasty Noodle House Also, forgot to include this in my previous post, but "Infatuation LA" is kinda my bible when it comes to LA food recs: https://www.theinfatuation.com/los-angeles
  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/AskLosAngeles/comments/4awbuz/visiting_los_angeles_megathread/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=usertext&utm_name=LosAngeles&utm_content=t5_2qht0 Good thread with suggestions and links (but its a bit old) Why are you choosing to stay in Downtown/Hollywood? I'd avoid staying in Downtown, although there are places worth seeing there. For food in DTLA, check out Grand Central Market. Here's a map with the top 101 restaurants in LA as reviewed by the LA Times. Seeing them on a map makes sense, as depending on your daily plans, many of them may not make sense given the distance. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1xyjFqppfIaAv3et8SkceqXDN3ztjP83u&ll=33.85612890724677%2C-118.07873649999999&z=9 LA often gets a bad rap as a poor place to visit as a tourist. I disagree with this take but you have to do it right. One last suggestion - don't know how far east you're willing to go, but the Huntington Gardens and Museum in Pasadena is a must see, imo.
  16. I'm starting to think Putin should just withdraw all troops overnight, and then show up at the next UN Security Council meeting and be all like "what? are you guys still mad about that? I thought we each got one oopsie invasion thing? Is that not the case?"
  17. I'd assume they'd just pass new legislation allowing for home school kids to play for whatever school they'd have ordinarily attended had their parents not been massive fucking bozos
  18. What were Patton's casualty estimates for a land war with Russia, culminating with a successful capture of Moscow?
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