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  1. Well @mdmost, what do they say about best laid plans? Daughter came down with something and is still in bed trying to sleep it off. We'll see if we even make it in the park today.
  2. You were asleep from November to January and missed the three months where the highest members in your party attempted to steal an election? Then spent the next year plus covering it up? I'm happy to send you links but honestly like 5 seconds of googling should clear that up. You're going to be really surprised.
  3. Super helpful. Shame you can only rep a post once
  4. Thanks man. Very helpful stuff. My daughter is 6 and we'll probably only be on younger kids' stuff. Showed her a video of Rise and she noped out pretty quick due to laser gun battle. Likely will focus on fantasyland and try to do Peter pan early as that looks to have some wait times. Maybe focusing on little kids rides will mean we're not waiting in long lines as much? I'm fucking around with the app right now and I see all these options to "reserve" certain rides at times in the future. So if I reserve a ride at that time, I show up and then I'm in a shorter line. How long can the wait time vary at that point? If I go with the LL option, I pay extra per person, per ride and then I'm given a time to arrive? Or I just go right then and only have to wait a few minutes? Any can't-miss dining experiences in the park that I need to reserve upon arriving?
  5. I hear ya man. I got a timeout yesterday for saying "Icono, put a bullet in your head" which is weird because I've been told repeatedly that Icono is no longer a poster here
  6. Driving to Disneyland hotel this afternoon for a day at Disneyland and a day at California adventure park. Got the genie+ app and plan on figuring shit out tonight when planning for our day tomorrow at Disneyland park. First time in 15 years.
  7. Ok thanks Mike we'll pass a note along
  8. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2022-06-24/with-roe-vs-wade-overturned-what-happens-in-california?utm_source=reddit.com
  9. I fell ya OP. I got rid of my twitter account - doom scrolling isn't doing anybody any good. I still stay informed with newspapers and this place. I've actually considered leaving this site too - just totally removing myself from what's happening around me, so that I can focus on work and my family. For a few years as a child, I grew up in a country ruled by an authoritarian. As American citizens, we were never in any danger and our lives went on. We were aware of the religious and political persecution that was happening, but what are you going to do? I sometimes think I may have to adopt a similar mindset here. Unless I'm going to take direct and meaningful action (run for office, organize, etc.) then what's the point of hovering over the ongoing inferno to witness the destruction? I'm not helping anyone and I'm destroying my own mental health. I can pull a lever for Dems every November without having to be plugged in 24/7.
  10. I just follow recruiting. Don't even watch the games.
  11. Can we send him a fake cease and desist letter from Mario Puzo
  12. What starts here, endangers the world
  13. Every single LAPD cruiser to this day:
  14. Mack Brown almost died in Florida trying to land some recruits to make you happy. have some respect
  15. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the statement that millennials only work to "fund their lifestyle." I'm pretty sure everyone, since paid labor first came about, is working for that reason.
  16. Our linebacker coach leaving the impression that he could be a high school defensive coordinator is not, in fact, knocking it out of the park.
  17. Why would we need to harden the schools if an entire police force can't gain entry with military gear and door opening tools (keys?)
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