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  1. Only 8 weeks of expenses is forgivable right? I suppose if that's all you ask for, that could be 100%. I think you can just hire them back and start paying them now.
  2. Is there a NSAA thread for what you stuck in your ear?
  3. My thoughts exactly. Didn't watch the whole thing, but no way Trump knows Jesus was a Jew.
  4. All the major hotel chains have discontinued pay per view porn. The only place I...err...a buddy of mine has seen pay per view porn is Vegas.
  5. Know how I know you haven't traveled in a while?
  6. uh oh Pence mentioned Gavin Newsom favorably. All that sucking up has been forgotten. Nikki Haley, come on down!
  7. I wonder if he knows Roche is not an American company?
  8. A good number of Euros, especially the good ones, have a US residence, most if not all in FL. All of the good ones are already here for the Players this week.
  9. Crossing streams now, but listening to Cuban on ESPN, off the top of his head comments are so much more coherent than anything Trump has said in the past month.
  10. This is like listening to a 9 year old reading off his 'what i did this summer' report to his class.
  11. Not to mention, even those with Internet access, on day 1, at least 20% of students won't be able to make Zoom or Webex or whatever work. And at least 20% of the instructors also won't be able to make Zoom or Webex or whatever work.
  12. France, Spain and Germany on the list, but not the US?
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