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  1. I would echo this. E class or higher on MBZ and it's a quality vehicle. Below that, the cost/quality ratio just seems to fall below its Japanese competitors. Same for BMW. 5-series or higher otherwise don't do it. Although...my old car is a 2013 535i and I swear, the Infiniti G35 I used to have was quicker, faster, and handled better. Even though the G35 is more comparable to a 3-series or C-class.
  2. Troy sounds absolutely disgusted. "I don't know why he's jumping in the air."
  3. It's Costanza-esque. Almost like Garrett is trying to get fired but can't. Put on Roger Staubach's first super bowl jersey and get bbq grease all over it.
  4. Same as Troy and Jimmy's first year. I think they went 1-15 but covered the spread almost every game.
  5. "Loud explosion" What was that? The collective Longhorn fanbase blowing their brains out.
  6. Looks like the WVU or Kansas QB out there.
  7. Looks like a certain team in orange on d.
  8. Did Troy's clothes get stolen? Looks like he's wearing his workout outfit.
  9. shakahorn

    Whatcha reading?

    Loved this one. Quick read, knocked out 90% of it in one cross-country flight.
  10. Same experience just now, called to cancel, left call back no, got called back in 10-15 min. Told them I wanna cancel cuz it's too expensive, first offer was $60/year which I jumped on. Sirius Select, not sure about streaming but I don't use that. Only tip I have is call the cancellation number instead of the main customer service number. I waited on hold on the main number for 15 minutes or so before I found the cancellation number. 866-635-5020 is the cancellation number.
  11. Hopefully he goes to a school that will teach him how to spell.
  12. On Chamberlain, I don't think he's wrong. Maybe not far superior, but I think he would still be a dominant big man in today's game. And he would probably still slay the same amount of trim.
  13. Had to look that up, but yeah, that's what it looked like to me. Took a blow to the abdomen, was in a little pain on the bench, then ran into the locker room.
  14. You just know Cal is gonna get closer if not take the lead at some point.
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