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  1. If only we had some kind of aggressive press that could force turnovers and generate momentum. We could call it "havoc."
  2. He might be the only guy that's improved during Shaka's tenure.
  3. I keep asking myself why tf I'm watching.
  4. Yeah it looks like a JV high school game just with taller faster guys. Same quaility of play.
  5. Reminds me of an old joke that i read on tos or toos. Punch line: Head? She didn't have no head!
  6. She's a zillion times more knowledgeable than Galindo. That, combined with her sense of when to STFU makes me like her. As far as the female voice goes, you just gotta get over it. I'll admit I struggle with that myself.
  7. Almost as good as under Greg Davis.
  8. Caught it on opening night. I'm not a movie critic, I just wanna be entertained. I was entertained and certainly thought it was worth the price of admission. Rockwell was solid as was Kathy Bates. The fat guy was good as well. I remember a lot of that as it happened, "Mr. President, clear my son's name" and even then thought Jewell was still guilty so to see what he was up against, even fictionalized, was an eye opener for me.
  9. Who is Reed looking at when fist pumping after every winning putt?
  10. Finau as well. Maybe little too long to call it a choke but I bet he makes that putt 99 times out of 100 in a practice round.
  11. He resisted your advances, huh?
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