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2021 World Series: Houston Astros vs. Atlanta Braves


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1 minute ago, Helobious said:

What else would they possibly have to go on? The season ended 2 days ago & no one knows where any free agents will go. Phdhorn nailed it in better words than I did. Odds right now mean little to nothing. 

Of course trades, signings etc can change things, and as PhD said it is also to garner bets now based on who would bet it, but as someone else put it those are actionable numbers so they're not exactly just throwing things out there willy nilly.  I'm guessing they see that 3/4 of the Astros infield returns as well as 2 very good players in Tucker and Alvarez that are still pre arb, as well as 2-3 solid pitchers also pre arb, and 75+ mil coming off the books that can be used on a couple SP and a SS/3B.  The core of this team is very much in tact so it's not that farfetched to have them as a strong team again next year.

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21 hours ago, shadow_operative said:

just some food for thought for surly astros fans, re: how you guys come across to everyone else here.

you guys won the WS in 2017, and when it was revealed that you won that WS by using one of the more advanced and sophisticated methods of cheating that baseball has ever seen, you all made yourselves and your team out to be martyrs. you then somehow got a chip on your shoulder about the whole thing and proceeded to talk mad shit to any and every fan base who had a problem with the cheating. you earned a reputation over the years of being arrogant, loudmouth dickheads, the kind one would normally associate with NYC, Philly, or some other trash city full of trash people- not with a city like Houston.

When you got back to the WS for the third time in five years, instead of being nervous and hopeful, you were brash and dismissive. you yawned at the Braves; you said that Ozzie Albies, the best offensive 2B in baseball, was average as a hitter; you claimed that the white sox were clearly superior to the Braves, and pointed out how easily you dispatched the white sox; you said that the Braves only had three decent hitters; you continuously downplayed everything good about the Braves, and incessantly cited their season-long stats as proof of their futility, which is disingenuous at best, and just plain stupid at worst.

When fans of other teams took issue with this type of behavior, several of you SCREAMED at us that "literally no one" who is an Astros fan had said anything dismissive or disparaging about the Braves. you repeatedly posted long, angry diatribes about how we were all just making shit up and "attacking" you guys for no reason, as if we all aren't in here reading the same thread. Brash, pompous, arrogant, loud mouthed, uneducated, shit talking goons, who are also somehow victims and martyrs. That's how you all have represented yourselves over the last several years, and especially during this postseason. 

What's interesting is that you guys are in no way representative of the Astros fans who i know in real life. Those folks are generally just normal baseball fans, who root for their team with at least some sense of humility, and without all of this entitled arrogance and underlying rage. My best guess is that the dedicated Astros thread- your own little echo chamber of superiority and martyrdom- is what gets you guys so riled up and ready to talk shit. That your behavior has become normalized among your group, to the point where y'all can't even see how horribly you come off to everyone else around here. Hate him all you want, but based on my experience on this forum over the years i would much rather sit down and watch a game with helobious than a good majority of the Astros fans here. he's a lot classier and much more calm than you guys are.

So, to sum all of this up, i will quote the Los Angeles based, grammy award winning rapper Kendrick Lamar: sit down. be humble. you guys had your time. it's over. now go back to your thread and stay there, please and thank you. you can come back out when you've learned some manners. we won't hold our breath.

Fan of other team takes issue with Houston Astros and their fans. News at 11.

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1 hour ago, TonyTexas said:

the difference between future bets like these and individual game bets is there is only one side. The bookies can’t balance the action where there is no risk and just collect the juice. 

It's similar in that they want to balance bets among all of the plausible contenders so that they don't have a ton of exposure to any one team winning it.  Then they throw really high odds on the shitty teams to try to get fans of those teams to decide to take a flyer for fun.

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On 11/4/2021 at 11:42 AM, phdhorn said:

Yeah, you probably stole them to boot.

We'd have to. Surely this is how it went down.

Houston - 2017

Beltran: Let's use this video feed to help hitters.

Cora: I'll get the Apple Watches to relay signs.

Luhnow: Apple Watches aren't in the budget.

Hinch: Just hit this trash can.

Boston - 2018

Dombrowski: So how'd you win last season, Cora?

Cora: We used video feed to tell hitters what's coming by hitting a trash can.

Dombrowski: That's a great idea, but uh, a trash can? Oh no, this is Boston. I'll get J.T. Watkins to buy some Apple Watches.

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