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2021 UFC/MMA thread


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Belal is fucking horrible. Couldnt press on a dude fighting with one arm. Feel bad for Burns because whether it was a preexisting injury, or causes by opponent, his potential was better than that. 

I had 48-47 Cejudo. The striking numbers favor Aljo as does most of the media score (its a very reliable indicator). But on the eye-test I give the nod to Henry for the aggression, and it seems like he had the better of the take-downs. Either decision is fair though. 

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7 minutes ago, Patricio Swayze said:

Haha no shit. Fights during the day are dumb.

Fucking idiots in the crowd booing Almeida for working on the ground. Textbook win.

30 years of UFC and rednecks who don't like grappling still haven't discovered K-1, Muay Thai, etc.

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On 5/13/2023 at 4:22 PM, Scraps said:

Why is this card that is in America at fucking 11am?


Made it real convenient to review all of the finishes on ESPN+. Skipped the Smith vs. Walker fight, one could imagine how that went down.


Bryan Battle, young fighter out of host town Charlotte, here's his entire fight. Cool to see this and his emotion after the fight.




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Posted (edited)


Check out the two prelim fights scheduled. I'm sure they might get bumped up due to injuries.


It's cheeky as fuck, The BMF Title, but Dustin vs. Justin, 1, is one of my favorite fights. Poirier's leg was close to being useless, and he found a way to dig deep. I'm honestly not sure how much he enjoys training/fighting, but he always shows up. And Gaethje likes to fight so much that he forgets that he is a wrestler. His performance against up-and-comer Fiziev put a metal stamp on being an elite Lightweight gatekeeper.



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