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The 2022 Tampa Bay Rays Thread


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2 hours ago, BigOrange1 said:

hilarious.  and thank you for not posting the order on the thread so i had to watch the video.  

haha yeah i made a conscious decision this year to post the video instead of the order. my mom's starring role in the video necessitated it. 

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Let’s get a draft date by end of next week. Maybe on a Saturday during the tournament. 

We usually try to draft a day or two before the season starts. That appears to be Wednesday or Thursday April 6th and 7th. Anyone out those dates? 8 or 9pm CDT
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12 hours ago, henrygandorf said:

a solid commish would be able to access that type of info. 

I would know who except the league was expanded without me sending the invites so IDK which co-commish did it but they should follow up with the newbies 

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Draft Order - Watch the video first. Derka's mom is awesome. 



1 BO
2 UT Phil
3 HG
5 Castolon
6 Derka
7 huge
8 PH
9 beer
10 fawesome
12 NL
13 Capt
14 hitby




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On 3/30/2022 at 10:46 AM, BigOrange1 said:

is it not possible to mock draft on espn.com this year?

It was hard to find for some reason but I found it once, then I couldn't.  TBF I was drinking the second time. I ended up with Trout somehow. 


edit:  try this link

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