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2022 NASCAR thread

Prepuce of Doom

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10 hours ago, Prepuce of Doom said:

That was one of the best races in a long time. 

Yes it was.

That is a great track.

Really cool how Larson was not upset with Harvick at all about that last lap.

Class act.

Looking forward to next week's "throwback" paint schemes.

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Just now, Scraps said:
5 hours ago, RPM said:
I might actually watch this Chicago street race on Sunday.

Thats not this week. Nashville this week Chicago next weekend

Good to know. I misread the date. I love road/street circuit racing. Always wanted to see NASCAR do a Reno to Vegas race. It will never happen, but damn it would be great.

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Went to see sprint cars & mods race tonight at Devil's Bowl. Awesome facility. Always wanted to go there, but it's so damn far from Austin. Got some video of a really wild end-over-end sprint car crash that I was gonna show y'all - until the guy had to be airlifted out. Gonna hold back on posting it anywhere until I know more about his condition. 

If any of you live anywhere near Mesquite, I strongly recommend checking out some of the best racing you'll ever see, at a great venue.

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