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2022 NASCAR thread

Prepuce of Doom

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Watching both F1 and Indy that has tire choices makes me think they should at that to nascar as well. Not only would it bring an element of which tire is faster, but would also make a difference in pit stop time unlike the other two. Do I run a slower tire, but my pit stop time is half off the others, or run a faster tire, but have to take more time to change them? Would add some more strategy to races that would make a huge difference on some of the tracks. 

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12 hours ago, Jshep34 said:

Kyle to RCR. Don't know if it's to take #8 car or a third car. Wish they'd let him drive #3 . Never liked Austin Dillon

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Agreed, but we know that Pop Pop isn't ever going to yank Austin out of the #3 for Kyle Busch. 

I assume that it's probably to take Reddick's seat. 

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And another top 5 car wrecks. Last man standing. Post race between Byron and Denny should fun. Nascar should just have the drivers go mma one weekend. Let them call each other and fight it out. Or do demolition derby style night

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Chastain would die cause he would have to fight like 12 guys lol
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