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English Championship 2023/34: Anyone?


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26 minutes ago, Captain Ron said:


That's a hell of a long season.

got to squeeze in 6 more league matches than EPL + playoffs (I know you know that)

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18 minutes ago, ztejas said:

Championship is a solid league but I'm not sure I can commit for 12 years. 

I'm sure I'll watch some Leeds if TA sticks around. 

It's all very strange. I know nothing about the other teams/players in the League. And It's going to take more effort/money/time to be a supporter this year.

I have taken a lot of things for granted the last 10 years.

I hope it's only a 1 year stay for Saints.

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so first impressions of the Championship and following a club that has been relegated.

  • It a weird watch and will take some getting used to. I literally know nothing about the opponent they are playing. You don't recognize any opponent's players, you dont know who is the offensive threat, who is their jerk player for you to loathe, hard to muster up any animosity toward them other than you want your team to win. it is almost like watching a friendly.
  • you PL types are going to notice big rule changes this year
    • Going to be a lot of stoppage time added... in yesterday's Saints match there was 6 added minutes in the first half, 9 minutes in the second half.
    • yellow cards were given if more than 2 players crowded around a ref looking to foul grub.
    • no VAR is glorious -- oops PL still has it.
  • I am going to miss Peacock's PL coverage.. pregame, half time highlights, post game stuff, League news. No offerings like that for Championship watchers.. just watch the game and that is it.


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19 hours ago, yoladu said:

so first impressions of the Championship and following a club that has been relegated.



QPR avoided relegation last season but Iikely just postponed the inevitable. 4-0 loss to Watford which was 1-0 in less than a minute and 4-0 at halftime.

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