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Give me your lineup/roster made up of your current favorite MLB players

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Imma go with:

C Rutschman or Alfaro

1B Goldschmidt

2B Cronenworth

SS Cruz

3B Arenado

LF Profar

CF Phillips

RF Julio Rodriguez

UT Edman


SP Manoah

SP Logan Gilbert

SP Cueto

SP Alex Wood

SP Rich Hill

RP Devin Williams

RP Tim Hill

CL  Hader


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Posted (edited)

C- Maldonado- even with his lack of offense, he is leading what might be the best pitching staff in the league.  He's a huge reason for the young Astros pitchers being en fuego this season.  If my pitchers are gonna basically be on autopilot, I'd take Realmuto.

1B- Vladdy- tough call with Goldy because I like them both.  I just like Guerrero,, JR a little more.

2B- Altuve- Pudge Rodriguez is my alltime fave player.  Altuve is next in my book. Competitive AF. Clubhouse leader. Should be beloved in the game like Miggy Cabrera; but Manfred had to have his bullshit.  I hate the boos on the road, but I like how it fuels Jose, as well.  Comes up HUGE in big moments.

3B- Rafael Devers- Don't really care for the Red Sox, but I have liked Devers since he burst onto the scene as a youngster.

SS- Tatis, Jr.  Productive and very likeable.

LF- Yelich

CF-George Fucking Springer.  Still love the way he plays the game and wish he was still an Astro.  Alas, that ain't the way the cookie crumbled.

RF- Aaron Judge. Even in pinstripes, I still like the mofo; similar to Devers.  When he's not playing against Houston, I root for him to do well. Obvious production is obvious, but he's an asset on defense too.

DH- Yordan Alvarez- easiest choice right now on the team.  Doesn't say shit, just crushes the ball over and over again.  Love the way he plays the game.

SP-Given the season they've had so far, hell, I'd take the Astros staff as a whole.

Real picks:




Ohtani- hey it's my team and I like him, but I'm not kicking Yordan out of the boat for him.

Framber Valdez



Manager- Not really any favorites here, but probably Kevin Cash.



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Posted (edited)

My 8 year-old and I talk a lot about stuff like this. Current, I guess:

C - Maldo

1B - Freeman

2B - Altuve

3B - Machado

SS - Tatis

LF - Alvarez

CF - Trout

RF - Tucker 

DH - Ohtani

SP - Verlander, Musgrove, Ohtani x2, Framber, McClanahan

RP - Hader

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Mine is probably:

C- Kirk
1B - Vlady jr
2b - Yankees Daddy Altuve
3B - Bregman
SS - Tatis
LF - Yordan
CF - Springer
RF - Acuna
DH - Tony Kemp....yes I will do what I want it's my team lol
SP - Verlander

Don't really have favorite RPs or Closer.

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C- don’t care

1B- vlad 

2B- Altuve 

SS- Correa

3B- Jose Ramirez 

OF- Alvarez, Springer, Tucker 

JV, Christian Javier, Framber Valdez, Lance McCullers Jr, Ohtani. 
RP- Lidge, Dotel, Wagner. Still and always. 

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Interesting thread to look at.

Catcher: Salvador Perez

1B: Vlad Jr. 

2B DJ Lamahieu He has been a favorite to watch since he came to the Yanks. You can slot him at 1B, 2B, SS or 3B and get Good Glove caliber defense. He is the 3rd most valuable Yankee behind Judge and Cole.

3B Manny Machado

SS: Tim Anderson He comes across as a hothead, but he can play and usually does well when he comes through the Bronx.

OF: Judge, Soto, Alvarez, Trout

When Yordan and Soto connect with a pitch the ball just sounds different off their bat. Alvarez would probably hit 60+ homers every year if Yankee Stadium was his home park. 

DH Ohtani

SP:  Cole when he’s not getting lit up by the Royals for five runs in an inning. 

Verlander: A first ballot Hall of Famer. The longevity of his career is really impressive. He still has whatever “It” is every trip to Yankee Stadium it seems!

RP: A healthy Aroldis Chapman. When he’s closing I always go stand behind home plate on the lower level to watch him. Seeing him up close and in-person is ridiculous. It feels like watching Randy Johnson when he was in his prime. The pop of the catcher’s glove when he uncorks one well over a 100 is pretty cool to hear.


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Posted (edited)

I list Perez as the catcher and there he goes with a 3 run bomb in the 9th for the Royals. Would enjoy having him in pinstripes as a catcher and DH twice a week. He is another guy that seems clutch when he stops through!

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