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1 minute ago, Brisketexan said:


It was right in front of us. It was a goal.

They didn’t have a clean camera angle for the replay on tv. It’s looked like it was over but the depth was hard to assess without a shot down the line. 

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Dani’s mom got an image/video sent to her that showed that maybe the ball didn’t cross the line all the way, showed it to us and yeah…not a clear call.

At this point, we have no expectations for this team. And they met those expectations.

No leadership on the field, not playing as a team. Players are losing their cool (Gallagher is clearly playing frustrated, making lots of mistakes trying to force shit). And Driussi shouldn’t be the captain. He’s not a leader on the field, and to the extent that he’s trying, I think it distracts from what he needs to focus on: playing intensely.

Expect a major off-season housecleaning.

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What's a trustworthy "Playoff Likelihood %" source for MLS like the ones for MLB?  Based on your upcoming opponents and the upcoming schedule of the teams front/near you?  It's not looking great, but not that far-fetched for Verde.  I guess even if they qualify, not even the first match would be here, right?  

A wildly tumultuous first 3 seasons to go from 2nd to bottom, to conference finals, to what could be anywhere from #7/#8 spot to maybe right near cellar again depending on how it shakes out.  I guess nature of the game.  

I know this is over-simplistic.  but next 4 matches are very much winnable.  At #13/30-point New York RB, home #13/30-point L.A., At #14/22-point Colorado, and host #9/33-point DCU.  There's gotta be two wins and 2 ties or even 3 wins in there somewhere.  Last two matches are not kind looking though maybe San Jose and us come down for the last playoff spot.  But as stated, lotsa logjam there between Minnesota and ATX.   

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[Soccer Matters with Glenn Davis] Eric Goodman from Austin Chronical joins Soccer Matters 

Eric Goodman from Austin Chronical joins the podcast to talk on MLS, Austin FC, his recent visit to Colombia, and much more. Glenn and him get into a long conversation over Austin FC following the "success" this season, & much more. 


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