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World Cup Day 6 - Wales/Iran, Qatar/Senegal, Netherlands/Equador

Captain Ron

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2 minutes ago, UTexasFight said:

Are there any audio/radio options other than fox simulcast? Going to be driving for 6 hours Sunday.

TV broadcasters on the radio is worthless 

The games are likely covered on Sirius FC if you have Sat radio. 

EDIT my bad Fox Sports

https://investor.siriusxm.com/news-events/press-releases/detail/1900/fifa-world-cup-qatar-2022-matches-air-live-on-fox#:~:text=NEW YORK – November 15%2C 2022,18.

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4 minutes ago, Captain Ron said:


Yeah, that’s all I could find too.

I swear in prior world cups they had a broadcast specific for radio. TV PxP announcing and putting that on the radio is pointless 

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1 minute ago, Dr. Teeth said:

Not sure it actually called down, but ESPN says VAR overturned it. If that is the case, it is terrible. You can at least say that the on-field refs may subjectively think the guy influenced it but video shows differently. 

It was a VAR call. There is ZERO that video shows to make that offsides.

The player wasn't interfering with the keeper. If he went left and the ball goes in, sure. But once he jumped right he CLEARLY wasn't influenced by the guy in the offsides position. There isn't anyone one he is influencing. 

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I think the Dutch wanted to defend and counter. But Ecuador has a really nice attack, so they kept the pressure on them.
Van Gaal isn't a great manager, hence why they turn off their attack.

Ecuador scored just as many as Argentina in qualifying. They are a good team that will cause problems in the knockout stage if they can beat Senegal.

Holland look asleep playing on cruise control waiting for Qatar.
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