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Manhattan @ Texas Weekend Series


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5 minutes ago, Hookem2147 said:

He is who he is at this point. Lots of flashes followed by some wtf, oftentimes in the same game.

Pretty crazy that a program with the pitching history that Texas holds doesn't have a legit Saturday or Sunday arm. Granted, Witt is hurt, but there should be more depth. Maybe LBJ by season's end.

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1 hour ago, TexArcher said:

That makes more sense.  The ump not set thing would negate the pitch as well, but they gave him the strike.

Catching up while in line at Blacks but if this is in regards to last night with porter brown hitting, it puts a pitcher in a bit of a conundrum when the umpire isn’t ready and the pitch clock is at 2. 

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5 minutes ago, MuellerHorn said:

Stetson beat Manhattan 18-1 and 9-1.

CSU Baskersfield beat them 15-4.

Lehigh beat them 18-6.

Maryland Eastern Shore beat them 15-6.


We beat them 8-1 last night. We're about to hang some more runs on them here. 

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