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Dylan Disu - Back for 23-24


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30 minutes ago, ClubWhatever said:

He’s a good player but let’s not go too far.  His game is face up 10 footers.  

Come on.  His last 5 games were:


Penn State:  28 pts 10 reb (NCAA)

Colgate:  17 pts 10 reb (NCAA)

Kansas:  18 pts 6 reb

TCU:  15 pts 8 reb

OSU:  11 pts 11 reb


He was absolutely coming on as a dominant big man.  This is big news, and very necessary.


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the final 11 games this year for Disu:

5.9 FGM - 9.3 FGA, 14.3 pts, 6.8 reb, .455 3P%

he could average 18 and 11 this season with solid shooting percentages and a high usage rate. the further out he's able to shoot the more these possibilities rise. as it is, the guy we got for the final stretch of the season is more than capable of leading the way for this front court. having him back is big news.

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