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championship run-in: the race for 3rd place & the £200m game

Hagbard Celine

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pre-rona sources placed the value of the playoff winner at £135m but this article says that as of 12 months ago promotion is worth £200m.

£200m.   That's a lot quid for 1 win.


this year i have never seen so many sides still in it with 2 weeks to go

burnley are winners on 92

the blades have not clinched 2nd but on 82 with 4 to play they will not fall to 3rd

luton (3rd/78) could mathematically catch united but regardless they are in the playoff

middlesbrough (4th/74) can't catch sheffield united nor can they be caught; they are in

that leaves an astonishing 9 sides still alive, most with 2 to play a couple with 3

watford in 13th on 59 would have to make up a GD of 9 winning both remaining fixtures whilst coventry and sunderland don't score for 3 hours and lose each of the 2 remaining  that's not going to happen, but it hasn't not yet happened so sir elton is still alive

coventy (5th/66) and swansea (12th/62) bracket the biggest mess i've ever seen in any league

8 teams contesting for 2 spots in the playoff

fans of these teams are currently girding their loins


on the other end relegation is also a mess, the bottom 6 are still alive, don't have time to recap, here's the full table






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I think like everyone Im hoping for Luton Town, anyone but Sunderland or West Brom works for me though. 


More importantly, I hope Wednesday can win the League 1 playoff. They need to be back in the Championship. I love watching the old Around the World in 80 Days with Michael Palin from the late 80s. Everytime he could he'd stop and phone in and ask the Wednesday score. He's odd though as he's both a United and a Wednesday fan when it suits him.

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burnley clinched promotion winning 1-2 away to middlesbrough on 7 april

tuesday they clinched the championship title

yesterday the blades made up a game in hand defeating west brom 2-0 at bramall lane

the blades have yet another game in hand, but they don't need it

with the win they reach 85 points, 7 clear of luton town on 78, and thus sheffield united have clinched promotion to the prem

with the result, luton town and middlesbrough are locked in to 2 of the 4 playoff places, they can't be caught, so now they can play spoiler or rest with nothing to play for

brom desperately needed anything from the match at bramall as they remain mired in the massive scrum of the 8-team street-fight for the last 2 playoff places

9 if you count watford who are alive mathematically but would need a fatima miracle

at the other end rotherham and cardiff are 1-1 right now on 70', both on 47 points, with an algeria-east germany result likely, although a late winner clinches safety

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blackpool 2 - 3 millwall

millwall jumps to 5th on 68 with 1 to play

blackpool remain on 41 with 1 to play, needing a win and huddersfield to be shutout in 3 consecutive losses

blackpool are going down

wigan in last on 40 with 2 play have a better chance but it still requires the same results from huddersfield

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2 hours ago, SimonBolivar said:

Luton, Middlesbrough, Coventry, and Sunderland it is...


I'm rooting for Luton, but anyone other than Sunderland would be fun for me.

Luton needs to get promoted just for the cringe of seeing EPL matches at Kenilworth Road. 

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3 hours ago, Ted Lange said:

looks like they’ll have to spend 10m to get the stadium up to par if they get promoted 

they will play somewhere else for a year because their new ground was approved 6 days ago


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50 minutes ago, SimonBolivar said:

Sorry @Schulz2.0 but it'll be nice to see one of the remaining teams make it with Sunderland gone. Out of Coventry, Luton, and Middlesborough they have a combined 1 season in the EPL since 2010 and in 17-18 both Coventry and Luton were in League 2.

Give me Middlesbrough, Coventry, and Luton in that order.

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