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CSF @ Texas weekend series


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2 minutes ago, Pato del Muerto said:

That he’s been here from the beginning while everyone else moves on after a few years ought to inform you on the mothership’s opinion of him. 

He's the fucking Bill Little of  LHN,  show some fucking ,  oh god don't move him to the radio...  

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There's still some serious talent on that Fullerton roster, this was a sweep we needed after a rough past 4 games.  

Fun fact, New Mexico just completed a sweep of Hofstra in which both teams scored double-digits in each of the three 1-run games (12-11, 14-13, 11-10).  I don't think I've ever seen that in college baseball.  Anyway, they'll head to Texas tomorrow night at 12-4 against a respectable early-season schedule, stopping off in San Antonio to play TWO against IWU before coming in for the weekend series on Friday night at 6:30p.  Then head back home for a 2 game mid-week with Texas Tech (whom they'll play 4 total games with this regular season).  Overall, their non-conf. schedule will be salty which can boost our SOS/RPI down the road---UC Riverside, Arizona, TTU, TEX, Oregon State, and BYU.

Their lineup can hit, steal bases,  but can't field for shit.  Their ace, Armbruester is sometimes used on Fridays and sometimes on Sundays.  We'll be vulnerable in that game...win it and no reason we can't sweep.  This will actually be a very good test for us heading into the OSU series later this month.  

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