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Pink Floyd

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It's like the other members are just looking around with that unspoken, "How long can fucking Roger hold his breath here on the ego deal?"


The other thing that reunion made clear was how many light years Gilmour's voice was ahead of Water's when they ran through Wish You Were Here.  I guess that's why ole Roger does the lip synch thing in between lecturing the world about how full of snake oil salesmen it is


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Covid stay at home boredom has me breaking out the lazers and Later Years Box set Blu-Rays I haven't eyeballed yet.  Came across one with "Concert Films" in the menu.  Figured I'd share some of my cabin fever madness with you gents.  More to come, but give this a go for starters.  Might help you conserve on the psilocybin supply...


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And preemptive apologies. I will hold the camera steady on the next one.

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