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(Discussion) how surly is too surly? where does the line get drawn?


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17 minutes ago, Sawbonz said:

With your string of posts, you are proving to be every bit as annoying as everyone you complain about. Also Chad Briscoe what the fuck? Go find something else to do for a while

the issue here is that VAPA/corn Pop/WingedRyno/Pickbattles will come back, and he is literally a danger to others:







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Honestly it’s irresponsible for surly to let him continue posting, because of his history. 

Here’s the time he got assblasted for stalking his neighbor, who apparently angered VAPA by—checks the court document—being a liberal.


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VAPA was the worst I ever saw here. I don’t know how dangerous he is, unless you come into contact with him. I doubt this guy is VAPA, but if he is, he has the great fortune of having a VAPA-like poster obsessed with him as the messenger.

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On 8/15/2022 at 1:29 PM, hayden_horn said:

so, uhhh, that's weird. should i nuke that shit from orbit? i have no idea who that is, and the ip is clean, but they clearly have it out for vapa. 

right now, i'm thinking nuke from orbit, but i really want to see where this goes.


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