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operation fortune - new guy ritchie movie


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I liked The Gentleman too.  In The Wrath of Man he played it straight for some reason and it was just OK.  Hartnett was in that one too.  This new one looks pretty good.  I'm glad to see Hugh Grant in another of his movies.

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Good lord, Aubrey Plaza is getting dramatically sexier the older she gets.  I don't mean that in a polite, "Oh, a lady can still look saucey as she approaches 40..."  I mean, absolute smoke show whom I want to tongue punch in her dugout.  Just fucking oozing sexiness, probably helps she's funny as shit.  Anyway, movie looks cool...I'm in.  Especially if we're doing drugs beforehand like every other Guy Ritchie movie since "Lock, Stock, and Four Stolen Hooves" 

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47 minutes ago, Augustus said:

Very sorry to hear that.

Snatch and The Gentlemen were fantastic.  I was hoping this would stack up.

dude it’s Gil Bang.  I’d wait and see it yourself before making any judgments. 

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23 hours ago, Gil Bang said:

just saw this movie, and I offer the following review:



I disagree with my esteemed colleague.


While it is not Snatch or Lock it is much, much better than that shite, Wrath of Man. It's a big step towards Guy and Jason making up for that crap. You got the accents, brit humor/language, and lots of action. 

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