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Shoresy (Letterkenny Spin-off on Hulu)


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I know we have Letterkenny fans here. Didn’t realize this just released but I’m getting over the ‘rona and binged. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely some similarities with Letterkenny but also it’s own thing, mostly hockey focused. The pacing felt a little slow sometimes which is weird because I often thought Letterkennys fast paced dialogue gags were sometimes too fast. Some of the recurring jokes were great, like Ted Hitchcock, and Shoreseys constant “huh” after asking a question. Also felt some deeper moments, almost reminiscent of Ted Lasso (not to the same level obviously just something that came to mind).  I really hope it gets another season.


In addition to the new Kids in the Hall, another unexpected dick appearance, lol.


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Decent, but nowhere near Season 1. And yeah, can you really call that a season of TV? They didn't even cover a full season of the team.

Funniest jokes that stood out to me:


Goody calling Michaels a fucking nerd.

Telling the guys to hit the buttons on the microwave to get JJFJJ out of the room.

The kid reporter asking the Hunt about cocaine usage.


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On 11/18/2023 at 5:11 PM, Post Oak said:

I thought S2 was better.  But I think he's trying to get too many people touches.  I don't need JJ Frankie JJ. Just stick with Shorey, Laura and the girls.


Give your balls a tug 



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