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ALDS Yankees vs Guardians


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1 minute ago, Enchubben said:

I’m personally glad the Yankees will be advancing. The tears will be sweeter coming at the expense of Astros yet again.

Yeah neither of these teams is looking too scary at this point. Guardians or Yankees. It don't make a shit.

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5 minutes ago, Helobious said:

I orgasmed. Holy fuck Torres with that rock the baby ending. Fuck you Naylor. Fuck you too Straw hopefully I never catch you in the street.

Pretty empty threat. I don’t imagine he spends much time in Harlingen 

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16 hours ago, Helobious said:

But Naylor wasn’t being cocky when he started it all by calling Cole his son despite having a career .111 batting average against him right?

Admittedly superdouchey move by Naylor but it was so over-the-top wtfness to everyone watching (not you of course since you weren't) that there was no need for NYY to even respond. He made a mockery of himself and y'all look weak making such a thing of it.

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