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World Cup Round of 16 - Dec 5 (Japan/Croatia, Brazil/S. Korea) & 6 (Morocco/Spain, Portugal/Switzerland)

Captain Ron

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Monday, Dec. 5

10:00 AM Eastern - FOX - Japan vs. Croatia

image.png.8a56bce7e6287a8ca35e5ae3db3ec987.png          VS.          image.png.428de70f1feb8873d714239afaa95736.png

2:00 PM Eastern - FOX - Brazil vs. South Korea

image.png.dc3580e3d573fe66e5579a3d55980fe2.png          VS.          image.png.f7ebd815e9916641c769652778365ba5.png


Tuesday, Dec. 6

10:00 AM Eastern - FOX - Morocco vs. Spain (FOX)

image.png.435a48e966ebf8b83d5675dca0c8883b.png          VS.          image.png.c8299bc5755d8dd4172731eb00870eac.png

2:00 PM Eastern - FOX - Portugal vs. Switzerland (FOX)

image.png.9ab74901729fa784ab49d84504e6ffca.png          VS.          image.png.8b15ebc3788052b94cc1a4c4747109c6.png

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2 minutes ago, AUS-97HORN said:

thats gonna be offside i think


edit guess, not... but there was a front line player in teh middle  who looked ahead.... he just never touched the ball


2 minutes ago, kingkoopa6 said:

Offsides ?

It was played by a Croatian defender back across the goal to the guy who scored. 

Good goal, Croatian assist.

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uh....   they just showed the offside review graphic.....


the Japan's players shoulder was closer than the defender... was that not offside?


EDIT just went back and reviewed... his foot was further ahead than I thought....   ok about 1 foot onside

Edited by AUS-97HORN
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28 minutes ago, kingkoopa6 said:

if it goes the distance- id lean towards COR win

Yes, most of us would give the nod to the team with a full-size keeper. 

Not one that was left in the dryer too long. 

21 minutes ago, The_Great_Hornsby said:

Costa Rica is out 

He’s talking about Corea Sur.

Edited by Napoleon
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