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First Four Tru TV Night One:


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Just now, Pancho said:

Welp, hope Mississippa State liked Jans for their whole 1 year because the rumors are he’s interested in going back to Wichita State 

There is a lot of smoke. NiL jumped big time when Brown was fired and it’s rumored that Koch et al want Jans. We shall see

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11 minutes ago, Shoxthemonkey said:

Atta boy Burton! 

Last season was rough for Burton because he had absolutely NO HELP. He was forced to try to do everything and it really wore him down as the season regressed. This year, with some help, he really blossomed and earned first-team ACC. I spent a bit of time with his uncle down at Greensboro and we had a nice discussion about how Burton’s career at Pitt has progressed. All of my friends have really enjoyed Burton this season.

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1 hour ago, PittsburghTiger said:

Nice night of games. Fun stuff. 

I hope we play well against Iowa State. They seem to be a helter skelter team.

They play good D like Miss St.  Expecting another good one there.

Edit:Heard Seth Greenberg pick Pitt here on the selection show.



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