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Women's World Cup 2023 Australia/New Zealand

Captain Ron

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spain were in turmoil before the tournament and then after a nadeshiko ass-kicking to close their group, they were in just as bad a shape as we are, but they rallied and partnered the nipponese in a final broiling of the carcass of group a, constructed to give the hosts a shot on goal

so the nips 14 for, 1 against, and look clinical as fuck

spain i'm not sure about, after watching the highlights, suisse looked like traffic cones


Nadeshiko Japan is the name of the Nippon Women's National Team.  The nickname was chosen by contest in 2004.

Nadeshiko Japan (なでしこジャパン) was derived from the term Yamato Nadeshiko.

Yamato Nadeshiko (やまとなでしこ or 大和撫子) is defined as the "personification of an idealized Japanese woman", or "the epitome of pure, feminine beauty"; poised, decorous, kind, gentle, graceful, humble, patient, virtuous, respectful, benevolent, honest, charitable, faithful. It is a floral metaphor, combining the words Yamato, an ancient name for Japan, and Nadeshiko, a delicate frilled pink carnation called Dianthus Superbus, whose kanji translate into English as "caressable child".


okay then.

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 Ow that the USA is out, let’s play:


THINK: Japan 🇯🇵 or maybe  Colombia 🇨🇴 

WANT: Spain 🇪🇸 (skill) or  Sweden 🇸🇪 (looks)

DARK HORSE: Jamaica 🇯🇲 (no racist)

Jamaica can’t score for shit, but they have around 10 American brown girls who for some reason felt that their future was not with the USWNT and it would bring a smile to my face to see them at least finish Top 4… though I don’t see it. 

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20 minutes in, defending Euro champs are not looking up to snuff against a former colony. 




EDIT: Right as I switch the game on, a whiff by Nigeria’s CB leaves a ball for an English girl (striker?) to crack a hard low shot toward the bottom right corner that the Nigerian keeper makes a great save on. 

That was full blown regard right there. 

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9 hours ago, perfectchaos007 said:

Men lost first round In knockouts last year. Women lost first round in knockouts this year. Equal pay, equal results!

Both have managers who don’t know shit about substituting to keep players fresh. 

Both managers were among the worst in their respective World Cups. 

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3 minutes ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

That first half was rather fucking awful. 

That was the most physical half of soccer I have seen in any a World Cup since the 2010 Men’s World Cup Final when the Dutch were focused on breaking the Spanish flippers in half. 

I never saw any of “Orange Is The New Black”, but this was like a couple of prison gangs going at it on the prison yard without weapons and trying to make it seem clean enough that the prison guards don’t step in and start beating both groups with batons. The fact that Colombia’s left back looks like she was born and raised in prison and tattooed by every gang leader or over-amorous guard who has assaulted her may have something to do with it. 

Both teams could have at least 4 yellows from the stud raking and tackling and smacking and ankle wrenching that they’ve done in this thing. 

Will probably watch the second half later today. I’m tired. 

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When a Moroccan 🇲🇦 girl who was already on a yellow committed a foul that should have received a second yellow, but it was past the 80th minute and France 🇫🇷 was leading 4-0, the USA ref gave the Moroccan player “the mom look” according to the announcers. 



This is acceptable referring at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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41 minutes ago, Captain Ron said:

I wake up to a bit of a surprise. Japan had been rolling this far. It looks like Sweden dominated until the 2-0 lead. Japan missed a PK and got a straight red for something.

Fox’s highlight package is garbage. 

Man that half of the bracket turned out to be salty as fuck. 

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9 hours ago, PittsburghTiger said:

I have no idea how they justified that.  


I just went back and saw that - totally the right call she goes down way too easy. That last angle she barely touched her. That’s not only not a penalty, that shouldn’t ever be called a foul. 

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