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Houston Astros 2024 Season Thread

Planet Houston

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6 hours ago, LCHorn said:

I think I'd prefer a manager, at least for this Astros team, that the players all hated but understood was ruthless in search of tactical efficiency. 

Zero loyalty, zero "he did it last year, back of the baseball card" nonsense and was relying heavily on data. 

@Wulaw Horn and others (including me) have opined that a championship aspirant shouldn't be breaking in a rookie manager--maybe it's also that THIS Astros team shouldn't be breaking in THIS manager. 

@Planet HoustonDidn't you have a contact in the GM's office?  Do you hear anything that colors Espada as more of a taskmaster behind the scenes?


yeah, a manager everyone hates, yet the team wins it all only works in movies 

I’d prefer a healthy team over another manager 

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2 hours ago, hornmpa96 said:

Do we have to play the worse defensive first baseman and DH the guy who can actually play the position?

I don’t blame Espada for putting him in the lineup but I do blame him for not DH’ing Abreu when Singleton is going to play anyway.

Fucking Morons!

I guess Espada wants to avoid the “once DH’ed a .108 hitter (after Memorial Day)” on his wiki page after he gets fired this year 

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