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  1. Unless she's rich and he is an heir...
  2. In a row? You are the Uncle Boobs of jerking it.
  3. Change your passwords @MissingInAction
  4. I can't hear a fucking thing that mumbling fucker Romo says.
  5. Isbell's Georgia Blue album of Georgia band's songs is pretty pretty good.
  6. Me too. One in a million shot Doc. Wordle 225 5/6 Lol
  7. I thought it looked like boobs personally.
  8. I'm no Fluid Dynamics expert but you can just spin an egg to see if it is boiled. Spin = boiled. Won't spin = raw.
  9. I had that bumper sticker on my rad '84 4 cylinder Chevy S-10 along with "Lick Bush in '88".
  10. Maybe he got Covid so he wouldn't have to go on a Disney cruise.
  11. My only surprise was that Incredulity didn't post it.
  12. They should have stood their ground. The only thing to stop violent racists is a young SmoothieKing woman with a gun.
  13. Face value, which comes out to $66.66666666666666666666666666666 or so.
  14. I know right? Do you know how much those things cost back in the day?
  15. Is Nolanville still a speed trap?
  16. Did they try sweeping the forest?
  17. I was team Manual Can Opener until I got one of these little electric ones.
  18. It probably means they are closing. RIP HEB
  19. Shows on space like The Universe played at a very low volume puts me out instantly. The volume has to be high enough hear but so low I can't make out what they are saying.
  20. That would be infinitely better that S4 of Yellowstone.
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