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  1. Being that we have hi-def cameras on every house and street corner in America. And your average Joe can buy a high def GoPro and stick it on the anything he wants, do we have any vids of the aliens that aren’t grainy, vague, shaky, and from miles away? Maybe we do. Seems like we should.
  2. And that’s fair, I don’t claim to be the most passionate fan. The older I get, the less it means to me. I celebrate the wins, and the losses bother me for about an hour or two tops. Even when it’s losing to Kansas… in a night game.
  3. I used to love night games when college football occupied my entire Saturday. Now days I have other shit to do and I love the 11am games. Couldn’t give two shits about the heat, it’s just part of life here, get used to it or don’t attend the games. I wish we could move all the games to about 9am so I could move on with my day a little quicker. Difference of opinions about game times aside, creating or signing a petition for this is pathetic and embarrassing.
  4. Harry Hogge taught me you should always drive right through it.
  5. Did not know that, but it makes perfect sense. Its namesake lives in my neighborhood and I’ve watched him ride up the thing from the bottom and then turn and huck off of it. Good kid though. He told me to be on the lookout in a few weeks for some new stuff they’re building.
  6. Ask in the “post a photo you took” thread. Lots of camera discussion in there. https://www.surlyhorns.com/board/index.php?/topic/39-the-post-a-picture-you-took-thread/page/60/#comments
  7. You mean like because she ate some the night before?
  8. In South Austin I pay $150 per cleaning, just once a month. I think the price per comes down If I did every other week. LetKelly is the service I use. I'm happy with it.
  9. The Real Deal Holyfield is the best breakfast in Austin. And when the special of the day is the ACP taco, it's the best lunch in Austin. When is their move to Buda?
  10. I ate shit pretty hard the other day. Nothing broken, but dirt rash, cuts, and scrapes from ankle to hip and a big raw spot on my forearm. There's a drop on the South Austin Trail Network, that we chatted about a year or two ago, by the Espcarpment Spillway. Maybe a 4-footer or so. I've been slow rolling it for a while and started hucking right off it maybe 6 months ago. It's the kind of drop I hate with a few too many rocks on the lead-in. It's not enough to throw the bike off course, but it's enough that I think about it. I got a little too comfortable with it the the other day and went off it more casually than normal. Got crooked in the air and had about a full second airborne when I knew it wasn't going to end well. Landed with the bike traveling one direction and pointed in another. Bounced awkwardly and slid a few yards in the dirt and gravel. I've been pretty good about wearing pads when I do stuff like that, but it was a spur-of-the-moment thing on a casual ride so no pads. We're getting more and more features built on what used to be my boring neighborhood cruise trail. Knee pads are probably about to become standard on more rides for me, and elbow pads on some days too. They'd have both prevented the worst of the dirt rash on this day.
  11. Israel doesn’t fuck around when it comes to airport security.
  12. I bet there will be a spin-off with Jonah in a few years. He was coming into his own as an actor this last season, not the character itself, but his tone of voice, mannerisms, etc... He’ll make a good main character in his own story as a young adult Jonah back in Chicago.
  13. Very much this. Wendy was always supposed to be hated. Skylar White and Carmella Soprano were purposely written to be annoying as fuck and the shows were better for it. You can’t make all the bad guys likeable. Still didn’t like the ending. Not bothered that Ruth died, would have liked to have seen the Byrds go down in flames. I wanted the ending to be uncomfortable for the viewer with even the likeable characters going down. Marty and Wendy both get life sentences, both kids to foster care and broke and alone. I wanted just a complete gut punch of a consequence for years of dragging everyone around them down and something they have to contemplate forever. But no, the writers took the easy way out.
  14. Home Depot and Amazon both also carry Polywood. I bought some Adirondacks and a a pair of chaise lounges just a couple weeks ago and had them all within a couple days. Chairs from HD, chaise from Amazon. Good call on Bed Bath and Beyond with the 20% coupons. The HD selection has different model names so that it sounds like they are specially made just for them, but if you compare the details with the Polywood site it’s easy to see what model it really is. I love the Adirondack chairs. I agree with many reviewers that the arms on the chaise lounge are too low, but I’d still rather have it than something wood, metal, or wicker. Also, you really need cushions on the chaise. The Polywood is kind of slick and you’ll slide down it without one. I got thin cushions on Amazon so they won’t hold as much water when they inevitably get soaked. If I sat in the chaise lounge every day I’d probably get something with a little more shape to it and more comfort. I really only bought them because I felt obligated to provide them for guests at the pool. I am either on a pool float or in the Adirondack myself.
  15. Donated hotel points. I bang a lot of married teachers and we’re always needing a room.
  16. The big stuff is sandstone. Super grippy.
  17. Prior to construction starting, I closed the sprinkler main valve and let them tear shit up in the back yard. I don't really water the lawn much anyway. Maybe a handful of times a year and never in the backyard. I figured my front zones would still work fine but it turns out the front zones are supplied through pipes that ran through my back yard. Turned on the front zones the other day and got a mudpit in the backyard instead. I'm just shutting it off indefinitely and worrying about it later.. or maybe never. And I'm putting gravel in the area they tore up the grass during construction.
  18. OP's quoted story is reminiscent of the old friend of a friend of a friend who was summoned into the gas station when the pumps wouldn't work, only to be told a creepy boogie man had crawled into the backseat while they were't looking. Also, don't flash your headlights at people at night; it's a gang initiation and you'll be killed.
  19. Here's our day at the Kokopelli Loops. This is right outside Fruita, about 20-30 minutes from the 18 Road trails. A few points about this: 1. I sniffle, grunt, and wheeze a lot more than I realized. 2. Horsethief Bench was my favorite riding on the whole trip. Just the perfect. mix of fun terrain but mostly stuff you can hit at speed. The drop-in is the biggest ledge I've ever rolled. When we scouted it I thought I'd huck off the biggest drop but the other drops are so close to it I didn't have enough speed there. There's no way I'd have tried to roll it if I hadn't seen a couple other guys do it first. 3. Mary's was also fun and fast. Beautiful scenery above the bluff and the river. Moore Fun kicked the shit out of me. Tighter turns, steeper chunkier climbs. I lost count of how many times I got hung up, dabbed a bunch, walked quite a bit, and crashed once on a stupid spot when I just just riding like shit from fatigue. It was a great day.
  20. 18 Road in Fruita is fun for everyone at all levels. There's were tons of families and kids out there hitting the trails with the same topography but less exposure and less climbing. It's basically a gravel road with a gentle slope the top then pick one of 6-7 trails to the bottom. Back and forth all day. I'm working on more vids this morning.
  21. I came home to a bunch of kid's basketball games, track meets, homework drama, etc... Finally getting these videos sorted through. I probably should have started with something other than the exact same run WD40 posted above, but I didn't. So here's Joe's Ridge and Mo Joe from my camera. Looking forward to sorting through Horsethief and I think I can get it posted tomorrow.
  22. Man that was blast! I got home this evening. I'll go through the footage this weekend and get something posted. Joe's and MoJoe, posted above, are just smiles the whole time. I think the best riding I did on this trip was Horsethief Bench and Mary's Loop. HB was just the right amount of chunk and ledges to make is challenging and fun but still doable. Mary's was fun and great scenery along cliffs. Moore Fun ended but being more technical than I like but you never know until you try it. I was wiped out by the time we got to it. In Moab I did Lower Porcupine Singletrack and Porcupine Rim. That's basically the lower half of the Whole Enchilada. Upper sections are still closed for snow and mud. The next day I did Navajo Rocks. It's an intermediate mix of slickrock and dirt with lots of punchy climbs but nothing too technical. I probably wouldn't do it again now that I've seen it. I was planning on doing the Mag 7 and opting out of Portal but that requires either an all uphill return to the starting point or a shitload of extra miles down a gravel road to the end. I was beat down from the previous days and Navajo Rocks was something easier instead. I thought about just sucking it up and committing to Portal to make Mag 7 logistically easier but it only took one youtube viewing to remind me I have no business on that trail. LPS and Porcupine Rim is probably my favorite out there. 13 miles almost all downhill with enough chunk and ledges to make you feel like you accomplished something but not so much as to slow you down too much.
  23. How often do pumps go out like that? Is it reasonable to just buy a second one to have on hand when you build a new pool?
  24. My builder told me we could get in when there’s 6 inches of water in it if we wanted to, so that’s exactly what my kids did. We were also told to brush 2x daily for 10 days. We’ve been swimming in it nearly everyday since the day it was full. For furniture I got 2 adirondacks from Pollywood and 2 chaise lounges from them as well. That’s the heavy resin stuff. They aren’t fancy but they are sturdy, heavy, and should last without weathering or rusting or needing stain so I’m happy. Getting an old school wood picnic table for meals.
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