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Beer 2020?! F*ck that sh*t! Beer 2021!

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Tri tip in the sous vide. Gators won. Spent the day the-plastering bathroom and stripping paint off the old medicine cabinet.  Not a bad day overall. 

The Logsdon was okay.  Zeelander slams  and goes hard in the paint. 




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2 hours ago, Incredulity said:

I hope they don’t fuck Boneyard up.  Lots of talk about things staying the way they are and operating independently in what I have read.  It doesn’t ever seem to work that way though.

Yeah I am hoping its just a distro-type partnership (however that would work). That said I trust the people at Deschutes more than I would other breweries at their scale, and I am sure they know each other really well. 

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Posted (edited)

Energy City.


[mention]mdleast [/mention] this isn’t my favorite. Let me know if you want any of the rest of them. It’s basically a raspberry smoothie.


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1 hour ago, HenryJames said:

What does one do in Lanesboro and Fountain?

/besides drink

Tons of stuff. Late-night pitch-and-putt. Go to the livestock auction and cruise the 4-H babes.

Throw stuff off the bridge.


I can't believe you've never been cowtipping.

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