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Chelsea 2022-2023: America... fuck yeah?


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Koulibaly and Sterling both looked good.  Thiago is immortal.

Looked a little vulnerable against the fast break.

Felt very familiar to pass the ball all over the final third and not see goals as a result. :/

[edit] Oh, and for God's sake, please spend some time on set pieces (corner kicks) this week...

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needed to be said
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First win for Chelsea at Goodison Park since 2017.

First opening day loss for Everton since 2011.

Kept a clean sheet with a quite a bit of questions on the back line.

Everton put 11 behind the ball all day making our lack of creativity obvious.

Overall a solid but unexciting win. All of the new additions looked comfortable.


Quite a bit of chatter that we might break the record of a defensive player transfer fee for Fofana. De Jong isn't going to drop his salary and it appears this means he will move on and Chelsea is reportedly his preferred team.

Werner is likely off to RB, CHO likely to LCFC or Southampton, Alonso is all but at Barca, Kepa likely to Napoli. Ampadu, Gilmour and Sarr likely off as well. 

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Great post on finances stolen from reddit.




Seeing as Chelsea are ruining football again, thought I'd take a look under the hood. Some major restructuring of our squad with some interesting insights

Fofana and De Jong are estimates and assuming 6 year contracts like Cucurella.

1. Salary - We've reduced our salary burden by 23M a year so far. Getting rid of Lukaku, Werner and Sauls salaries from last season. Even if we added Fofana + De Jong and didn't let anyone else go, our salary burden would only increase by 4.2M a year

2. FFP - again we're saving money here, reducing the book value cost by 34M a year right now. There would be a slightly more severe effect if we were to add Fofana and De Jong due to their high transfer costs

3. Potential Outgoings - expect to see more outgoings to create cushion for these additional deals and the renewal of existing players on below market deals

4. Cash Flow - this is where we're really getting hit and a sure sign that Clearlake are really committed. So far 150M has been committed this year with 53M recouped. There's the additional 23M salary saved that takes the recouped amount to 76M. Rumored deals for Fofana and De Jong will also be huge cash outlays for the new owners (pushing the total to 323M). As part of the deal with Roman, Clearlake had to commit 1.75BN over 10 years to supporting the club, well we're seeing it

5. Deal by deal losses - there's no way we'd be seeing these kind of deals made under the old ownership. On almost every single deal we're taking massive losses against initial investments. A reset like this could only be done with new owners who weren't financially or personally invested in those prior deals.

In my opinion, the new owners are doing a fantastic job already of getting value for the money we invest in the squad but at huge personal cost. I'm excited to see it continue.

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Huh, he deleted the picture. Should've saved it.


Ah he was corrected... I'll leave the post up as an idea as to where we are and if he corrects I'll add the addendum. Here is the comment with the issues.


We still pay Lukaku's depreciation/amortization as he's our asset. 13.5M of that.

You're missing profit on sales and losses.

You're not accounting for addons and commissions fees as they help make asset (player) ready for use and are capitalized costs.

Your book value should be "annualized cost of operation" book value is just asset value at the time of purchase and any costs incurred to make asset ready for use minus all depreciation/amortization.

You added depreciation to Rudiger's? He went for free because his value was at 0. Your increment gain for next year is only his salary.


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15 minutes ago, ztejas said:

I find it hard to believe he's worth 10M quid. 

Transfermkt has him at 8M Euro. Nice stipulation for Chelsea I guess. 

Agree, but I'll take it. I thought he was awful everytime he was on the pitch. Got him on a free transfer, too.

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Ampadu is seen as the lynchpin for Fofana. It appears likely he is on his way out which suggests Fofana is on his way in.




Chelsea will sanction another season-long loan deal for Ampadu

Clubs in England, Italy, Germany and Spain are interested

Claims in Italy last week that Chelsea were in discussions with a Serie A club are incorrect, the speculations were there was an agreement with Venezia for another season

Tuchel rates Ampadu he played as a midfielder and in the defence



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1 hour ago, Scraps said:

Yall know way more than me about the club, but Werner always seemed like an underachiever. Thought he would do more with Chelsea, but it never materialized.

Remember that time Wondolowski air mailed a sitter in extra time vs Belgium? That was Timo's season but times 38 games. 

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11 hours ago, Scraps said:

Yall know way more than me about the club, but Werner always seemed like an underachiever. Thought he would do more with Chelsea, but it never materialized.

Timo gave a great effort nearly all the time, but he just couldn't finish or deliver when needed.  I can't question the effort but in the end it didn't work.

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