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Surly Boxing Thread


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On 5/21/2023 at 12:02 AM, hobbes2702 said:

I didn’t think it was crazy scoring but I think the wrong guy won. No way should it have been unanimous. I had it 117-111 Loma but could see someone having draw.

Sorry, but 117-111 is crazy talk.

Fight was extremely close.  I thought Loma took it down the stretch.  Though, he did the same thing that cost him against Teofimo by taking the 12th round off.

Moretti's card was a fucking crime.  Of course, this is expected.  Young undefeated guy that they're going to make money off of for a long-time is always getting the nod over the 35 year old at the tail-end of his career.  Not as blatant a robbery as Weeks stopping the fight for no reason so Romero could beat Barroso.  How are you giving the 10th to Haney?  Supposedly Loma's camp asked for Moretti to be replaced and they got told to fuck off.  

Haney boxed fairly well, but he ain't it.  He let an older, much smaller fighter bully him and put him in severe trouble late.  If Haney can't do the ol' hug and hold he has severe weaknesses.  No power.  Bad head movement (Loma lit him up with the left all night).  Not very durable.  Shakur takes him to school.  Tank decapitates him.  Which is why he's gonna go runnin' to 140.  


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