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Surly Boxing Thread


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9 hours ago, Escapedgoat said:

This will most likely still go. Cheatnelo will get a warning and the fight will continue.


That snake Oscar has too much at stake to let this be called off.

there is too much money for them to cancel this one....at least I would think ...but, they did call off Lewis/Tyson once in Nevada ...so who knows.

Demetrius Andrade is asking to be the replacement if Canelo is suspended ..... promoter said GGG is going to fight regardless 

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MGM offering refunds: 



But looks like stubhub tickets haven't taken a hit yet.  I would be real wary of buying a secondary ticket at this point, as chances are the card isn't canceled even if canelo can't fight and you will end up paying out the nose to watch GGG take on some schlub. 

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17 hours ago, BigOrange1 said:

GGG says he's still fighting on may 5th.  i'd love to see him fight sergiy derevyanchenko.  ideally it's just regular hbo and not ppv.

also, pacquiao is fighting matthysse on july 14th

I'd really like to see him fight BJS, Ramirez @ 168 or even Andrade. You know, the actual proven fighters (since Charlo and Jacobs are busy this month). I keep seeing this Derevyanchenko name around so I look him up and the dude's on the level that GGG was at in 2012. He's fought absolutely nobody but I guess because he's Ukranian (and an Olympian?) people think he is worth a GGG shot? I don't get it. I'd like to see him beat someone in the Top 20 of the division before getting a crack at the #1/2.

BJS wants to fight in June, so it would only push the date back a month and it would unify the titles.... isn't that GGG's whole thing? Wants to unify the titles?

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On 4/3/2018 at 3:47 PM, Skipper said:

Sucks for GGG and Boxing Fans.   Canelo is trash.

He deserves that hitching his wagon to De La Hoya. Boxing is controversial and shady as it is, but that De La Hoya is the most dishonest person in the sport. 

So if GGG fights now then they get to set this later, like in September or later this year, then he has to turn right around again and face Canelo.

Canelo needs someone to really humble him and knock him down a few pegs.

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23 hours ago, BERT said:

I see Lomachenko is moving up a weight class for his next fight. Wonder how far he's gonna have to move up before being challenged? 

At that light of a weight those 3-4 classes are all pretty fluid. He welcomed Rigondeaux, who was 2 classes under him to a challenge, now he's moving up 1 to fight where he probably should be fighting. Meh. Let's not act like he's only having to go up to find fights, he let someone reach up pretty significantly to fight him.

I don't honestly think Linares will give him a huge test, Linares isn't nearly as technical nor defensive as he needs to be to challenge Loma. Even though a lot of boxing people seem to think he has a shot. So to answer the question, he'll have to move up to whatever weight Mikey or Crawford are at to be challenged, likely.

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That was a quick hearing. The Nevada State Athletic Commission and Canelo Alvarez's team reached an adjudication agreement before Wednesday's hearing and it was adopted unanimously (5-0) by the commission: Canelo gets a one-year suspension, but because he has cooperated it is suspended to six months, as per the commission rules allow. He will eligible to fight Aug. 17, six months from the date of his first positive test. This means he can fight a rematch with middleweight world champion Gennady Golovkin in September assuming GGG defeats substitute opponent Vanes Martirosyan on May 5.

Dan Rafael, ESPN Senior Writer42m ago
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I heard that. It was a stupid comment, not even a good dig. As a Mex-American my first thought was if we're gonna play the stereotype game you're really gonna go with chicken? But w/e. He is who he is, and he got about what he deserved on Saturday. He was clearly the better boxer but if he's not willing to risk anything to win a fight then fuck him. He didn't have anything to say when Mexican Mikey Garcia bullied his ass around the ring for 12 rounds and forced him to shell up.

Charlo and Davis were impressive. I'm fully behind Charlo after he called out GGG. I like when fighters speak it into existence, enough of the hiding behind promoters bullshit. Tank doesn't really want Loma, he hid behind his promoters on some "if my team tells me that's what we gotta do then that's what I"ll do" bullshit. Charlo wasn't playing that.

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