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Texas @ Baylor: Series Thread


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8 minutes ago, Rockethorn1978 said:

I want to sweep everyone but I'd really love to look back on the season and say “that series where we butt fucked Baylor for 3 games, out scoring them 38-1 was the turning point of the season and what made this Omaha run to the title all possible”




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38 minutes ago, Herpa Derpa said:

Do it for Queso!


10 minutes ago, TrashMaster G said:

Remember Queso!  BTE-LSOOB! Let's fuck up those cat-kilking rapists!


For the uninitiated.

"For instance, say Goodman and other statewide advocates, Texas law defines an animal as a "domestic living creature." As a result, abusers can successfully argue that a stray cat or dog is not an animal.

This defense was employed five years ago in the Queso case, in which two Baylor baseball players shot the cat with a pellet gun, beat it in the head with a golf club, decapitated and skinned it. Both young men were acquitted since no one had proper ownership papers for Queso."

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