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2023 Big 12 Tournament Thread

Horny Bull

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3 minutes ago, BillyGoatHill said:

Guy I used to work with in Washington, his nephew was one of them. Played SS for them a few years back.

It's over. It was all Ritch Price, and he's gone.  Announcers during the Lawrence series talked a bunch about how Shojinaga was convinced to stay by Fitzgerald staff.

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1 minute ago, Hookem2147 said:

In the very back of my mind over the last week (didn't have the balls to say it), I wondered if facing Baumgartner in game 1 was a tougher matchup than having the 2 or 3 seed and facing teams with worse numbers 1's (Tech and OU).

Good point. Seems like losing to a guy with a sub 4.00 ERA wouldn't cause a 40-point RPI drop, but we better get our shit together quick.

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1 minute ago, Had Enough said:

Perhaps. KU can hit a little too. I bet he goes as long as he can. No pitch count.

They pulled him after 3 good innings last week because they couldn't improve their seeding by winning the Tech series.

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4 minutes ago, Spaceman_Spiff said:

Unrelated, but man losing Carlson for the season sucks. Big difference having him in the lineup, he was a key driver of turning outs into walks or hits. Get Daly sucks, but Flores and Belyeu is a rough back of the lineup

Duplantier is probably a better option than Belyeu, but the difference isn't huge.

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