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  1. I could run down this geezer just after whipping a chimpanzee's or any large breed of dog's ass with my bare hands.
  2. I've got a Honda gas self propelled but I run an EGO trimmer, blower and hedge trimmers. The EGO trimmer was life changing, I fucking love it.
  3. Boebert has the teeth and nails of an enraged stripper. She would bite and claw her way up to MTG's face, pulling out wads of blonde dye job and savagely lacerating Marjorie's velvety, salivating mandible. No doubt MTG would finish things with a brutal Guillotine Drop onto the Capitol steps but later on while recovering and eating garlic mashed potatoes with her staffers, Marjorie would fall ill. A searing pain would take hold of her abdomen and her husband would scramble to stick a spoon in her mouth as the convulsions begin. To everyone's horror the screaming and spasms would abruptly cease as a fanged, rubber-titted creature bursts from MTG's duodenum and quickly scampers into the nearest storm sewer.
  4. Screwed up on the 3rd guess but damn. Wordle 317 6/6
  5. That's going to leave a mark.
  6. Better start the doping regimen now if you expect to get any results out of that shitass gym.
  7. Is he in an exam room in that vid? Looks like a monitor stand behind him.
  8. It'd be awesome to see Tuivasa uncork on Gane but yeah, gonna be tough for him to get in warhead range with Gane poking at him. And I don't see him changing gameplans and planting Gane on the floor like Francis did either.
  9. Same here. And Chris Elliott.
  10. Madonna either co-wrote or wrote 95% of her own stuff. She was also an accomplished dancer before her music career got rolling. Taylor Dayne had a string of hits off a single album, none of which were written or produced by her. She also danced about as well as Elaine Benes.
  11. Not unpopular with me. I'm a fan of large, stubby-eared Dark Knight Returns-style Batman going WWE on scumbags. I only wish the entire film had been good.
  12. My MIL got me one for Christmas but I have yet to use it because I haven't smoked anything this year. She uses one for turkeys, roasts and any other long cooks in the oven. Her stuff comes out perfect so it seems to work well (in an oven roasting situation at least.) I need to get off my ass and bust out the WSM.
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