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Florida Gators


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I figured this could just be the Florida Gator thread for the rest of the season until Bama in the SEC title game.

55 minutes ago, OU Sucks said:

Title should read "Urban Meyer was here".

Lol this, there is only 4 threads about a retired coach on here in the first page right now. Depressing


Trask seems to be missing Kyle Pitts a bit.

55 minutes ago, FloridaHorn said:

Thread titles don’t really matter if there is no one hear to read them. This is a boring slate of games today.

A meaningless bedlam in the meaningless big12 happens tonight

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Just now, Zeus said:

Kyle Pitts with 9th TD this season on a 56 yard pass, leads TE in touchdowns even though he has missed 2 games this season

Looks like I got the TE I want next year for nfl fantasy. Will he be going to the league next year? And how does he block?

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19 minutes ago, TXSG8R said:

I don’t see any way Grantham keeps his job at the end of the season. Mullen is fed up, lots of talent playing absolutely shitty ball. Guys can’t line up presnap, look lost in coverage, and can’t tackle for shit. 

Looked like Mullen was about to tell him to fuck off right there on the sideline lmao

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23 minutes ago, TXSG8R said:

His blocking has improved,  it he’s still a little lean for an every down TE. In an open offense that relies more on spreading teams out he will be a monster. 

Yep, like those last two plays he was spread wide and isolated both plays. 

He's one of those guys that blurs the lines between TE and WR

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2 hours ago, South Austin said:

I’m going to start a thread titled “Football.”

As long as you have urban meyers dick lodged in your throat I'm sure it will be a huge hit








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