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Surly Horns Podcast- Season 2 Episode 6


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We have a great show for you today getting out all the good superbowl follow up, putting anwar's shit on blast, talking through the schedule, and much more including a recruitment #respectmydecision


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8 hours ago, Laxtonto said:

Did I miss the episode where all the crazy other Herman rumors where discussed or is that being held off until there is no more real content left to throw on the podcast?

Still in the info gathering stage, will wait till we get some good shit that isnt widely known and when the offseason slows down a bit

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11 hours ago, Napoleon said:

Is there a podcast for the Ice Age week?

Or is that a hiatus week?

Looks like a hiatus week. Too fucking cold and power situation was not ideal. We were going to this weekend but at this point will probably just call it and record Wednesday like normal

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55 minutes ago, immamac said:

yeah sorry guys, I was super miserable and we thought making light of the crazy shit that was going on would have been in poor taste. We will be back this week. 

Pretty difficult to be funny when you have to use snow to flush your shit

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