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Bret Kreischer biopic: The Machine


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More like a feature length retelling of a story based in some fact, but punched up with Bert-level embellishment, then a fully fictional new element of the story dealing with the repercussions of train robbery in the original story.  I expect this to be as ridiculous and annoying as everything else Bert Kreischer does. I will definitely be seeing this. 

This film will be an interesting barometer of Kreischer’s appeal. I’m sure the majority of people who are involved fans of standup comedy, and/or comedy podcasting, are familiar with “The Machine story” and how it affected the trajectory of his career, but I’m curious to see how this will be received by the public not familiar with Kreischer or this story.  

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1 hour ago, PilotsError said:


Charlie Strong losing to Kansas was funnier than this twat. 

This stupid story was mildly amusing (at best) the first time I heard it.  The next thousand times almost caused a physical pain.

Why would you listen to any story a thousand times, much less one that you dislike. Just…change the channel or something. 

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I saw it in Houston the night after Bert performed here, they did a sneak preview.  It was fun, but obviously not Citizen Kane.  Drunk or High it would have been even better.  

I'm hoping they made a couple of the suggested changes.  I know Bert said they made some.  

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On 5/27/2023 at 1:33 PM, billfromlaketravis said:

His stand up where he tells this story is pretty damned funny. Definitely one of the funnier stories I’ve ever heard. 

I don’t like Hollywood trying to jam this down our throats as a theatrical release. This is at best a straight to Hulu film. 


Hollywood isn't trying to jam anything down your throat. That's a bad take. People have not fully decided if they will ever be willing to go back to movie theaters. This is an early strike to bring back irreverent comedies made by funny people. Hollywood is not coming along willingly. Only profits will change that. Standup comedy has already made the proper turn past political correctness. Comedy movies have not.

Having said that, unfortunately this movie is about as bad as the trailer. But I still wanted to count towards opening weekend numbers.




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