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Princess Throne


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Hello today I have a gift for the special Princess in your life. Have you ever wanted to get something unque for your Lady but didn't know what. Maybe she does not chocolate. Maybe she already had all the pantie's she needed when she met you. Maybe she is mad at you and you do not know why. Well it's probably because she does not have a place to sit down because you bought her a cheap chair or even worse didn't buy her a chair at all

Well it probably is not to late for you because it won't matter who bought her panty's soon. Because you can treat her like the princess with this one of a kind gold princess chair. This was hand crafted for a real princess in a large country but She died of Aids (She did not die in the chair) . Her people did not want to keep it because they thought it was curse with Aid's so their loss is your gain

This chair is a one of a kind master piece and it is difficult to put a price on but today I did you can buy it for $4000. pickup at the air strip in Mclendon-Chisholm bring help I can not help you load





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