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Turnpike Troubadours appreciation thread


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4 minutes ago, Al_4_ISU said:

The line up for the Hangover Ball at Cain’s (which they’ve frequently been a part of) lists “Special Guest”.

But it’s probably something stupid like a re-release of “Bossier City”.

I’m tempted to go to Kyle Nix and the 38s and RC and the Ambers at Cain‘s next week just to see if Evan shows.

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On 3/26/2021 at 11:33 PM, Al_4_ISU said:



It’s not my favorite one of their songs, but if you put a gun to my head and forced to demonstrate why Evan Felker is a genius, it’s probably Exhibit A


Probably was my favorite song of theirs until The Bird Hunter was released. Just an amazing way of showing how self doubt/anxiety can just vanish in an instant. How often do people just worry about so many things in their lives that end up never being problems at all? It was the only song on that album that my brother would consistently skip because he said he felt like it just ended, and when I pointed out that it was because all the anxiety ended when she walked through the door, he said, “shit, I hadn’t even thought of it like that.” It ended up being his favorite song on the album too.

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