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2021 I don't give a fuck about your Fantasy Football Team thread


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19 hours ago, Gourmand said:

We start 2 RBs and 3 WRs. Running back pickins are slim on the ww, with Mattison and Carter standing out as the best options to grab right now. If I were to put in a claim for Mattison for the purposes of injury insurance in Week 3, it would cost me someone like Tim Patrick, Darnell Mooney, or Nyheim Hines.

Still have faith Mooney comes close to being the WR 1 on that team this season. Don’t know if Fields helps or hurts. You need Hines for depth. Patrick is the only one I see as expendable for those backs  

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4 hours ago, HiggyBaby said:

Anything to change here? Tempted to sit Sanders and move Williams up. Standard league.ffcb30fbc14f2421da95c150144e5883.jpg

I’d start Sanders against the Cowboys. 

If you don’t have to start a tight end it seems like other than Kelce and Waller (and Gronk at his current pace) there isn’t much point in keeping one on the roster. Kittle’s career high TD’s in a season is 5 and outside of 1300 yards in 2018 he hasn’t done anything a middling WR couldn’t do.

Maybe you could trade his name value for a good WR to an owner that thinks TE’s are somehow valuable? 

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1 hour ago, CurlyDumps said:

Why? Because players can get injured?

Cool story bro.

No.  because of the high mileage on CMC.  No need to be a dick, but whatever...


Did you watch the game?  they didn't know if he was concussed or not.  Goes in the tent, then to the lockerroom.  "Oh BTW, it's his hammy and he will not return tonight."

It was pretty much a "where the fuck did that come from?" injury.

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count me as another 'questioner' of CE-H.  How the fuck can a guy in that offense not produce?  

I gotta pick 1 out of these 3 this morning: CE-H, Mike Evans, Hollywood Brown. Should be slam dunk with RB value combined with Chiefs offense...SMDH.  On the other hand, is Hollywood Brown something of a Cheetah Lite?  I keep trying to talk myself into it.

My opponent has both Dalvin Cook and DHop in his lineup.  Would love for both of them to go single digits today...

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Today's CE-H is what i expected when I drafted him.

That being said, this is the second week in a row I got him and Marquise Brown backwards, with regard to start/ bench. Last week cost me a win.

Right now I am 95% win outlook for the week.  Still need to get a fucking handle on my roster...

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6 hours ago, StruggleBus said:

Okay I have get 40 points in full PPR tonight from 1 player: Miles Sanders or Devonta Smith

Which will allow to make the score more respectable when I lose?

seems like a coinflip. I'd probably roll with devonta in hopes it becomes  shootout, and Philly keeps throwing to keep up with dak. No matter whom you pick, the other dude will go off. Just how it works. I need 17 points out of zeke tonight. If he doesnt get there, I'll finish with the 2nd highest point total in the league and a "L"

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2 hours ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

Okay. He sucks. And Fields really fucking sucks. 

 His situation right now with the QB and a struggling offense and questionable coaching is not great from a fantasy perspective, but Mooney would be a potential fantasy gem imo under better NFL circumstances. He has exceptional speed and acceleration, he attacks the ball, and has the skills to get separation from the DBs but Chicago's offensive scheme sucks and they have big problems at the quarterback position. I hear what you're saying, and am not trying to argue hard against it, but there's a case to be made for rostering him for his upside, especially in larger leagues or dynasty. 

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41 minutes ago, Firemans4Horn said:

Mooney is my WR5


I’d rather have the steadiness of Patrick or the ADOT/routes run with Sanders instead of Mooney with his shitty oline/coaches/QB

I like Patrick a lot and own him AND Mooney. I'm probably going to use some FAAB to try and replace Mooney with Sanders but the question is how much. 

Allen Robinson owners must be gnashing their teeth over his performance so far. Chicago should've gone after Teddy Bridgewater, wtf. The Broncos got him for a 6th rd pick. 

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26 minutes ago, shadow_operative2.0 said:

How many other frustrated Robert Woods owners live here? 

listening to a few podcasts it sounds like slot DB’s for the teams they were playing were a big weakness which made it easy for LAR to feed Kupp. I think Woods will get going soon. 

*Kupp will still be a stud. 

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Trade question. .5 PPR. Play 2RBs/3WR/1F
gaskin (my rb3) for Dionte Johnson. 
Rbs:Henry, Montgomery, Gaskin, Patterson, Michel, Barber
WR: Terry, Cupp, Patterson (Yahoo), C Davis, B Edwards, Mooney. 
Absolutely nothing on waiver wire 
I'd take it. Specifically with playing 3 WRs.
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