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Rice @ Texas Series Thread

Horny Bull

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The long wait is over, and it's time to finish what we started last year.


Friday (6:30 pm)- LHP Pete Hansen (9-1, 1.88) vs RHP Cooper Chandler (N/A)

Saturday (2:30 pm)- RHP Tristan Stevens (11-3, 3.31) vs LHP Brandon Deskins (3-4, 3.88)

Sunday (1 pm)- RHP Tanner Witt (5-0, 3.16) vs LHP Thomas Burbank (N/A)





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Love hodo and Kennedy. Daly isn’t a traditional 4 hole guy but Melendez batting 3rd with 2 dudes who have knacks for getting on base is ideal. A top 3 like that can turn a game in 2 or 3 to nothing. I’m likin it. 

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1 minute ago, TrashMaster G said:

Fuck you!

- Everybody else

Seriously is there a way to get CDCs attention to this is beg him to tell that cocksucker to shut up. Shit tell me who he is and I’ll take his fucking air horn and shove it up his ass

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