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2022-2023 Dallas Mavericks season thread: Luka's first MVP


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We need a second dude. So, so fucking bad. We have no other dudes.
Yep. Another season of Luka and a bunch of guys who aren't consistent. Not a recipe for consistent success. No idea how or where they get this second guy at but if it doesn't happen, our ceiling is what we saw last year. Which is better than what we experienced for a decade after the championship but with a talent like Luka, it's wasting.
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4 hours ago, Get ln My Van said:

We lost because I went to sleep around half. That’s my bad, boys.

Had a big lead in the 3rd when I turned it off.   FT shooting was horrendous (21-34).  That matters in close games. Wood had a good game but fucking 3-10 from the stripe.

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Game 1 we lost due to a stagnant 2nd half offense and bad 2nd half defense.

Game 2 we crushed a Memphis team missing 3 starters on the 2nd night of a back to back and a 3rd game in 4 days.

Game 3 we lost to a team missing 3 starters. Several people didn't put forth 100% effort on defense and it wrecked us. On offense they forced Luka to beat them and it worked. We had no off ball movement and no adjustments to Memphis's gameplan.

It's the start of the season and the good news is JKidd showed last year he can fix these specific problems.

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