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2022-2023 Dallas Mavericks season thread: Luka's first MVP


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5 hours ago, HamsterHookah said:

Came here to see if there is any commentary around this-- I saw some emails were leaked of Cuban being a baby and throwing a fit instead of taking some accountability. 

Now this:

The mural in Deep Ellum that captured the imagination and sentiment of many Mavericks fans, but also raised the ire of team governor Mark Cuban, is no more.

Local artist Preston Pannek told The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday that he has painted over his much publicized Luka Doncic “Please send help” mural, doing so at Doncic’s request. Pannek said that he and his wife, House of Pannek co-artist Adrienne Creasey-Pannek, will collaborate with Doncic on a replacement mural in the next few weeks.


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Luka won’t be a Mav in 2 years. 
Agreed unless something drastic happens. He's not staying like Dirk did. Nor should he. Cuban and this front office haven't did jack shit to build around him. The success plan for this front office is to find a Euro talent every 20 years that falls into their lap. They aren't building consistent teams like other franchises. All we can hope for is once in a blue moon we make a deep run but deep down we know we aren't on their level
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Reminds me of LeBron with the Cavs the first go around. Lebron raised the floor of the team quickly and the Cavs couldn't get their hands on a true 2nd star. Criticism for LeBron mounted and then he went to Miami and proved oh yeah he can win if there's other hall of famers around him.

Do fans still have the Spurs and Heat front offices as the best in the NBA like 5 years ago? 


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