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Post-Beard Game 6: Ok State @ Texas, 8pm, LHN


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Just now, Rickylovesweed said:

Morris still struggles but he's giving a lot of effort on the defensive end. He's really doing a good job of initiating ball pressure. 

Yeah, his problems aren't effort problems.  He's going to be very good in a year or two.

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Explain why Morris plays meaningful minutes?

It’s a combination of giving the other guards a breather, being young and needing some real game minutes to play through the freshman hurdles, and Hunter sucking

He’s a freshman thrown into the big12 jungle … he has a lot of potential if he sticks around and gets coached up
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Just now, Pancho said:

Missed call by Bert Smith. 


Side note—one of the refs in this game is the same ref who called the 5 second call in the Arizona game. 

Can’t believe that guy is even allowed around the program. Fuck him 

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2 minutes ago, Pancho said:

Am I the only one concerned with the amount of back cuts teams are getting on us? It feels like that has skyrocketed since Terry took over. 

Do you think anyone is going to question your perspective?  LOL

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Just now, MirrOlure said:

How. Many. Motherfucking. Threes. Have. They. Made???


We aren’t a good 3 point defense team. We just aren’t. We are dead last in the Big 12

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